Financial Access acts on behalf of the existing owners, investors, sponsors or management of our client institutions to provide access to financing, whether debt, equity, or some combination. As financial advisers on a transactional basis, we act in support of all phases in a financing process, including:

  • Strategic advice on the availability and pro’s and con’s of different financing forms
  • Assessments of a client’s readiness for investment or financing
  • Pre-financing management support
  • Deal assessment and structuring (scenarios, modelling)
  • Partner/investor searches (investor identification, approach and presentations)
  • Documentation preparation (offering docs, info memos)
  • Due diligence management
  • Execution support.

As a banking-based firm, we maintain an extensive international network of financiers and investment institutions — international, regional, and local in our focus markets — who are keen on identifying opportunities to deploy capital in their chosen fields. Financial Access matches these investment interests to specific client needs. Our presence supporting our client lends credibility to the process and provides comfort to the providers of capital that business plans and investment requirements have been rigorously evaluated and crafted with realism and sustainable intent.

Our financing expertise is focused in the following instruments:

  • Institutional/Private Equity investment
  • Long-term project finance
  • Structured finance
  • International trade finance
  • Domestic receivables finance and factoring
  • Syndicated bank lending
  • Development finance facilities.

We maintain especially close relationships with development finance institutions (DFIs), as well as private institutional investors (Private Equity Investors, specialist funds, hedge funds) and banks in our core markets of Africa and South-East Asia, and in our sector specialisations of financial services, agribusiness, and renewable energy.