Track Record

Performance Enhancement – Kor Standard Bank

Financial Access was retained by the bank’s owner Dhabi Holdings to execute a performance scan of the Bank. The objective of the Performance Scan is to evaluate the financial, operating and business performance of Kor Standard Bank, to assess all the key challenges of the bank in meeting its strategic objectives and to recommend implementable solutions to enhance the bank’s performance.

Starting point of our approach is the ‘as is’ situation at the bank. In our analysis we have assessed whether the bank’s current strategy matches with the market opportunities in Georgia and the bank’s strengths and weaknesses. After a preliminary assessment, we are implementing our performance enhancement package in:

  • Strategic planning
  • Governance structure
  • Risk management policies and processes
  • Capital and funding
  • Market segmentation and distribution channels
  • Marketing and new products development
  • Growth capacity
  • Human Resources

Trade Finance Advisory Services to Selected Banks – European Bank for Restructure and Development (EBRD)

The overall objective of the assignment is to provide trade finance consultancy services to be tailored to the individual needs of banks in Georgia to support them in building up or improving their trade finance services. The consultant was engaged to assist 7 banks from Georgia, while being based in the region and spending some time with each bank before moving on to the next one.

The main scope of services to be provided under this Assignment focus on:

  • Providing staff with skills to improve the quality of trade finance products offered by the banks;
  • Explaining and demonstrating different trade finance products and structures to enable the banks to enlarge their product range;
  • Enabling the banks to offer advice to their clients on how to best structure a trade finance transaction;
  • Teaching banks how to identify risks involved and how to mitigate them;
  • Helping the banks to identify new business opportunities and new clients to increase the volume of international trade finance operations;
  • Improving procedures and processes in relation to the handling of trade finance operations, including marketing and risk management.