Track Record

Finance for agriculture –

Financial Access a performed diagnostic scan of the SME banking unit of a commercial bank in the Ivory Coast. The scans included an assessment of the banks’ potential for strengthening their existing MSME operations and the establishment of new SME Banking units; as well as the development of SME banking strategy guidelines. FA has been mandated (2013 ongoing) by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and AMSCO to execute a three-year public-private partnership programme supporting increased and improved financing for the agriculture sector in Kenya. Designed by FA in co-operation with SCOPEInsight (specialist in the assessment of agricultural producer organisations), the $10m f4a programme comprises 12 projects and initiatives to be executed over the coming 3 years. FA is executing projects related to:

    • Assisting Kenyan banks to enhance their capacity to extend credit to agricultural entrepreneurs (including training initiatives);
    • Developing and implementing innovative credit scoring solutions;
    • Creating a “missing middle” investment vehicle to support medium-term investment finance in agri-businesses;
    • Launching a Supply Chain Financing platform for general roll-out, in co-operation initially with Kenya Commercial Bank;
    • The design and implementation of guarantee and insurance instruments for agri-finance.

Netherlands East Africa Financial Sector Expertise Exchange Program (NEAFSEEP)

NEAFSEEP was designed and developed to bridge the gap between financial institutions and the agricultural sector. This program aims in particular to increase access to finance for SMEs which are active in the agricultural sector and to producer organizations. To achieve this NEAFSEEP will consist of four major components, which bring together demand and supply of agricultural finance.

        • Capacity building for Financial Institutions;
        • Identifying bankable agricultural producer organizations;
        • Providing capacity building for producer organizations to improve their access to finance;
        • Promoting the granting of agricultural credit facilities by financial institutions in Kenya.

Strengthening of the SME banking and product offering – Bank of Africa Burundi

Financial Access provides a resident adviser supported by short-term experts to design and implement a strategy to strengthen and develop SME Banking and product offering in this successful African bank. Organisational advice and implementation work are provided in the areas of product design, marketing and distribution, risk management and relevant systems/operations support.

The project is supported by the IFC-MSME program for Africa.

African Trade Insurance Agency

The African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) is the beneficiary of the T.A. ATI is a pan-African agency which has independent legal standing. Capital for underwriting ATI’s capital and administrative expenses is provided by the member countries (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia) via a World Bank Loan facility.

The goal of the project was to promote trade in and between firms in ATI’s member countries by developing credit insurance products. Mandate included the elaboration and feasibility assessment of cross-border credit risk insurance. The project was sponsored by the World Bank.

Musoni due diligence

Musoni Due diligence 2013 – Due Diligence

 Due diligence of Musoni Services BV was performed, focused on the assessment of:

  • Mapping and opining on IT infrastructure and systems;
  • Potential for up-scaling of MFI operations;
  • Development environment and capabilities;
  • Testing environment;
  • Production hosting environment;
  • Development and testing tools.

 The assignment involved SWOT analysis of the client MFI and provide it findings on way to move forward for a successful business model.