Track Record

Feasibility Study for the Development of the Slovenian Postbank – Nova KBM – Slovenia

ING IGA (currently Financial Access) provided financial advisory services for the preparation of the Proposal from the Board of Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor (NKBM) to its Shareholder to approve the transfer of ownership of the shares of Poštna Banka Slovenije (PBS) to NKBM.

The objective of the services to be rendered by ING were:

  • Providing information on the postal banking concept, integrated financial services and the background of the Slovenian postal system.
    Assist in developing market analysis on distribution channels and market segmentation on the existing base of information and valuation of PBS.
  • Assist in pre-planning postal banking operations and the impact of the merger with PBS.
  • Prepare NKBM Board’s document for the proposal to acquire the Postbank and to form a Strategic Alliance with the Slovene Post.

The Implementation Phase (PHASE II) was dependent on the approvals obtained from the Shareholders of NKBM and PBS and the pertinent authorities to proceed with the merger. This Phase included the following activities:

  • Due-Diligence.
  • Assistance in development of a coherent and feasible three-year deployment plan towards a full-fledged integrated financial service concept including the post offices as front end to the mass consumer market.
  • Provision of a broad range of Management Support to NKBM in the implementation of the plan to develop into an integrated financial services provider.
  • Assistance to NKBM in developing the liaison with Pošta Slovenije and the (postal) regulatory authorities.
  • Training and/ or management traineeships provision in consumer financial services.
  • Support of train-the-trainers program at NKBM.
  • Comprehensive knowledge transfer support provision to NKBM.
  • Identification of potential additional business opportunities within the integrated financial service provision and postal banking concepts.