Financial Access is a results-driven firm and we know that increasingly, technology drives results. To address this, we have added systems components to the value-added solutions that we provide, designed to complement and to support our advisory and financing services.

We have introduced a set of scalable products built to tackle the perennial challenges faced by our clients. Our record of accomplishment demonstrates that through the tailored application of technology, we can streamline the internal processes of clients, help them better to manage their credit risk and to control costs. Our operational and technological partnerships position Financial Access to provide full support to financial institutions or corporate clients using our Supply Chain Finance or Risk Management platforms.

Our belief that no firm can call themselves truly solution-driven without embracing the solutions supported by technology has driven us to develop the following tools:

ASYX Supply Chain Finance Platform

Financial Access, through its subsidiary eBiashara Africa Ltd., has established an ASYX-powered Supply Chain Finance (SCF) platform and service company in Kenya, Uganda and soon Tanzania and Nigeria. This platform facilitates the provision of Supply Chain Finance by financial institutions interested in financing domestic agriculture value chains through value chain financing, although the platform can be leveraged directly to corporate clients in other business sectors as well.

A Supply Chain Finance approach enables clients to make SCF schemes more efficient, more transparent and therefore less risky. Value chain players need less working capital for shorter periods, allowing them to increase ties with their suppliers (late payment) and their customers (early payment). Better connected value chains are less risky and tend to be more efficient. A SCF approach allows more capital to be raised, capital to be accessed sooner and capital to be raised at lower rates.

The platform is fully customisable to cater for the evolving needs of financial institutions.