Track Record

Financing for an Integrated Poultry Company

Financial Access analysed the company’s production margins and value chain in order to develop the investment case for expansion, as well as supporting the parent group in connection with the rationalization of its banking relationships and financing structure. The main task of the projects were:

  • Analysis of the value chain, production margins, products and markets;
  • Assistance with the development of a mid-term development strategy;
  • Attracting investment funds from potential international investors.
  • The team consisted of international experts and staff based at FA’s Thai affiliate, FXS Advisory Co.


Technical Assistance – A Commercial Bank

The project was to assist the commercial bank in developing a strong department that would enable better credit portfolio management. This was achieved by giving sustained advice, implementation assistance and work alongside with Credit Policy Department to develop Credit Policy and design respective tools. Furthermore, we advised in establishment of an effective Asset and Liability Management Department that support the bank to better manage its interest rate risk, liquidity risk and market risk and to create an integrated risk management approach.

Our tasks were:

With Credit Risk Management:

  • Define function and authorisation of Credit Policy department
  • Review internal risk rating system and recommend improvements
  • Portfolio Management
  • Review/ assess the newly written credit policy manual
  • New Basel Accord (BIS)

With Asset & Liability Management:

  • Review and provide recommendations on the functions and authorisation of the ALM department
  • Tools and Methodologies


Preparation of Alliance with Thai Post – A Commercial Bank

The aim of the project is to design a Turn Around Strategy of Thailand Post through a strategic alliance with the commercial bank. The objective of the alliance was that the bank operated and expanded the financial services, and helped Thailand Post with management reinforcement to introduce 9 new postal product lines (e.g. direct mail, hybrid mail) and retail trade at post offices. The bank also arranged access to finance the viable projects and ensured that the Government subsidy was capped for the following 2 years and terminated thereafter.

We delivered our advisory services in:

  • postal strategy,
  • postal financial service strategy
  • retail trade strategy
    valuation and option analysis


Technical Assistance & Implementation of new Risk Management Function Advisory – A Commercial Bank

We undertook a Quality Assurance Review of internal audit function to ascertain the Bank’s internal audit strategic objectives, management structure and work approach. All findings were translated into strategic priorities that included recommendations and a detailed action plan with milestones and deliverables with the aim of transforming the Bank’s internal audit function into a modern risk-based audit unit. As a result of this review, we were mandated with two assignments:

  • Assistance to Siam Commercial Bank with the implementation of a new Internal Audit structure;
  • Assistance to Siam Commercial Bank with the implementation of a new Risk Management structure (BASEL II)
  • The assignment contained the following tasks:

The main tasks of the Internal Audit assignment can be summarized as follows:

  • Assist in selection and training of the Chief Audit Executive
  • Assist in the reorganisation of the internal audit function and align the internal audit strategy with the bank’s strategic objectives
  • Realign the ownership and accountability of internal controls
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive internal audit plan
  • Modernise the existing audit approach and reporting structure
  • The main tasks of the Risk Management assignment can be summarized as follows:

Implementation of Market Risk Management and Balance Sheet Management

  • Establishing Market Risk Management Unit and Balance Sheet Management Unit
  • Establish realistic work plan for Market Risk Management Unit
  • Review and update existing policy guide
  • Assist in the design and implementation of standard reports
  • Assist and guide the CFO

Reorganisation of the Credit Risk Management function and Redesign of the Credit processes

  • Assist in the design of Credit Risk Management Organisation
  • Establish realistic work plan
  • Review and update existing policy guide
  • Establishment of clear job descriptions, job requirements and Key Performance Indicators
  • Definition of underwriting standards, risk acceptance and credit granting criteria and authorities
  • Design of more effective lending processes
  • Alignment, upgrade and implementation of internal risk rating methodology

Establishment of Operational Risk Management

  • Assist in the establishment of the unit, its tasks, authorities, responsibilities, job descriptions, requirements and Key Performance Indicators
  • Formulation of Operational Risk Strategy
  • Indentification of the operational risks
  • Design and implementation of procedures for the measurement of Operational Risk