Track Record

Strategic Advice and Portfolio Review – Kontrakt Bank

Financial Access provided advice to the owners and management of the Bank in connection with a strategic and operational performance scan, as well as a detailed review of the credit porfolio and overall valuation of the bank. Strategic scenarios were prepared for further development of the Bank.

Trade Finance Advisory Services – European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

The overall objective of the assignment is to provide tailored trade finance consultancy services to banks in Ukraine in order to support them in building up or improving their trade finance services. The consultant is engaged to assist 5 banks in Ukraine, while being based in the region and spending some time with each bank before moving on to the next one.

The main scope of services to be provided under this Assignment focus on:

  • Providing staff with skills to improve the quality of trade finance products offered by the banks;
  • Explaining and demonstrating different trade finance products and structures to enable the banks to enlarge their product range;
  • Enabling the banks to offer advice to their clients on how to best structure a trade finance transaction;
  • Teaching banks how to identify risks involved and how to mitigate them;
  • Helping the banks to identify new business opportunities and new clients to increase the volume of international trade finance operations;
  • Improving procedures and processes in relation to the handling of trade finance operations, including marketing and risk management.

Bank Sector Reform – European Union

ING Advisory (now Financial Access) was selected by European Commission to provide tailored bank advisory services to a group of 20 participating banks, with the aim to improve their policies and practices in line with international standards and experience. The project also pursues a second main objective of delivering training and disseminating modern banking expertise to increase professional knowledge base of the Ukrainian bankers and NBU Banking Supervision staff. The project follows a demand-driven approach with the assignments formulated jointly by the advisers and the participating banks in the course of a short-term diagnostic. The consulting assistance focuses on five priority areas:

  • Credit and Risk Management (incl. Operational Risk)
  • Financial Control and Cost Management
  • Internal Audit
  • General Management and Corporate Governance
  • Branch Network Management

The project is divided into two distinct Phases: Diagnostic and Implementation. The Diagnostic Phase continues 3 months and culminates in a diagnostic plan that includes the scope of an assignment, implementation work plan and expected measurable results. The Implementation Phase follows the Diagnostic and continues throughout 21 months. The goal of this phase is to implement the activities identified and planned for each of the participating banks during the diagnostic.

During the project, we have delivered the following milestones:

  • Development of Credit and Risk Management at the selected banks
  • Development of Financial Control & Cost Management Function of the selected banks
  • Development of Internal Audit Function in the selected banks
  • Development of General Management and Corporate Governance Function in the selected participating banks
  • Development of Branch Network Management Function in the selected participating banks
  • Training to NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) staff
  • Training to Participating Banks
  • Dissemination of knowledge to Ukrainian banking sector

Bank Restructure – Oschadny Bank

ING Advisory (now Financial Access) was retained to assist the Board of Oschadny Bank to perform and Strategic Review and subsequently design and implement a Bank wide Restructuring Programme. Through this programme the Ukraine National Bank’s objective was to reduce systemic risk in the financial sector is supported. In terms of branch network and number of personnel Oschadny Bank was the largest bank of the country.

The main tasks of the technical assistance programme are:

  • Strategy Development
  • Increase Management Capabilities
  • Restructure the Bank’s head office and branch network
  • Improve Credit and Market Risk Management
  • Improve Financial Management and MIS
  • Develop a new IT infrastructure.

Advisory on Establishment of a Commercial Bank – An European Banking Group

The objective of the newly established commercial bank was to strengthen the competitiveness of private small and middle-sized enterprises in Ukraine via investment and working capital loans channeled through Ukrainian commercial banks.

We advised a major European Banking Group with regard to the design and implementation of the new bank’s framework. Objectives and deliverable are:

  • Assessment of the soundness and completeness of the UPB proposals already submitted and the further work now being undertaken. The mutually agreed objectives and principles in GUF about the priorities of UPB’s activities and its sustainability as a financial institution constituted a main guideline for the assessment.
  • Identified elements of the UPB proposal that needed to be amended in order to achieve the paramount goal of creating a viable financial institution, operating independently as a specialised promotional bank.