The United Arab Emirates

Track Record

Bancassurance Strategic Scan – Mashreq Bank

We provided advice on the market positioning of the BancAssurance, initiative of Mashreq Bank in relation to the insurance companies and be active in the local retail and wholesale market. Three parts of the proprietary Performance Scan were applied:

  • Marketing Performance Excellence;
  • Operational Performance Excellence;
  • Organisational Performance Excellence.

In combination with the Value Chain Model of Porter these scans provided input and argumentation for the positioning, the 3 year strategic advice and the more detailed 1 year implementation steps.


Validation of Strategic Plan – Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

We were mandated by Abu-Dhabi Islamic Bank to:

Assess the adequacy of the strategic, commercial and financial planning process in relation to the bank’s mission, strategic direction, position in the market, commercialization of products and services and distribution of products and services;
Determine the internal resources and organisational capacity of the bank to carry out its strategic objectives and planning process;
Suggest appropriate measures for performance and management competence compared with international best practices;
Identify ways to test the viability of the chosen vision and strategies against:

  • the market and external environment;
  • internal resources and capacity;
  • appropriate performance and management practice benchmarks.