Track Record

Strategic and Operational Bank Review – Central Bank of Uruguay

Financial Access performed a strategic and operational bank review of 3 (suspended) Uruguayan commercial banks and was asked to advise on the long-term viability of these institutions. The review addressed – in a modular form – all operational areas of the banks, with particular focus on the evaluation of the loan portfolio and the financial restructuring options.

On the basis of our study, the government of Uruguay decided to liquidate the 3 banks and create a new financial institution, combining the ‘good’ assets of the 3 banks, and to bundle the ‘bad’ assets in a special purpose vehicle (Fondo de Liquidación).


Market Entry Study – Credit Uruguay Banco

Credit Uruguay Banco planned to enter the Brazilian market. Financial Access developed a market entry study for the bank, which included a thorough analysis of the Brazilian financial system, the banking industry and possible market entry options, with special focus on the southern states of Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul, Parana and Santa Catarina).